Antwerp Belgium Tourist Information

Antwerp Belgium

Antwerp Belgium Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

The city of Antwerp (Antwerpen) is located in northern Belgium, near the Dutch border.  Known as the world's diamond trading center, Antwerp has many interesting tourist attractions, museums and art galleries

Antwerp is the second largest port city in Europe.  It is also a centre of fashion and a popular shopping destination.
Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp Belgium A good selection of hotels are available in downtown Antwerp, near the Brussels Airport and in surrounding communities.

Visitors can rent a vehicle at the airport and drive to Antwerp or simply catch a train to Antwerp's Centraal Station.
Popular attractions in Antwerp include the city hall (Stadhuis), the Antwerp cathedral and a medieval castle (Het Steen).

From Antwerp, visitors can do day excursions to the historic towns of Ghent and Bruges.  Brussels, Belgium's largest city is also nearby.
Antwerpen Belgium